Tulips in Silks

During the Netherlands’ tulip bubble period, the stripy Semper Augustus with its› “broken bulb” was among the rarest and most valuable. 

As a centre piece of this surface pattern designs it is enveloped in the dance of floating silks bordered with decorative lace, thus creating a truly, flamboyant and feminine design. Soaked in a romantic palette, but arranged in a diagonal, dynamic manner this pattern is bold yet quintessentially elegant.

This sur­face pat­tern design pro­ject was a part of my ongo­ing col­lab­or­a­tion with Kidspattern. If you’d like to learn more about them please vis­it their web­site HERE. Alternatively, view the archive of our pre­vi­ous pro­jects HERE, in which I dis­cuss in detail the his­tory and nature of our work.

All cloth­ing-mockups presen­ted here are provided cour­tesy of Kidspattern and are used for visu­al­isa­tion pur­poses only.

Starting Point

This sur­face pat­tern design was com­mis­sioned for the client’s Spring-Summer Collection aimed at girls aged 18 to 36 months. Below you can view the ele­ments I have pre­pared for this series, which focus on the detailed, lin­ear hand draw­ing of a crown of stripy pet­alled tulips, matched with anim­ated sheets of soft silks. Additional illus­tra­tions include knots, rib­bons and repeat­ing tiles used to make a bor­der pat­tern, which imit­ates a lace rim.  

On the left-hand side please notice the col­our palette, which was com­posed by Kidspattern and is a taste­ful selec­tion of blush, warm and nude beiges matched with a brass gold and con­tras­ted with a soft chocol­ate brown. 


Here is a pat­tern ver­sion that com­prises of only the strips of silks and lacy rib­bons ; all tied up in a dynam­ic arrange­ment. These examples present two dif­fer­ent print sizes and col­our schemes (light and dark). In the second of the two, the over­size ele­ments were equipped with a drop shad­ow effect to add to the design’s dimen­sion­al­ity. 


Please view the two dif­fer­ent col­our­ways of the main ver­sion of this pat­tern ; the first del­ic­ate, whilst the oth­er strik­ing, yet both inar­gu­ably soph­ist­ic­ated and flam­boy­ant. Here, the ele­ments are equipped with a drop shad­ow effect and are arranged in a diag­on­al man­ner, which con­trib­utes to this design’s dynam­ism and dimen­sion­al­ity. 

The first sur­face pat­tern is visu­al­ised in a medi­um size and blends softly into a del­ic­ate blush back­ground. Whilst the second one has all the ele­ments filled in with white and stands in con­trast with the back­ground. This col­our com­bin­a­tion is inspired by an image of a Semper Augustus with its cor­al stripes flam­ing against the white. This ver­sion was then matched with the silks — recol­oured with antique brassy gold — and aspires to draw upon Flemish sentiments.

Print on Clothing

Below, please browse through a slideshow selec­tion of vari­ous examples of this sur­face pat­tern in print. These are pho­to­graphs of the client’s first cloth­ing samples pro­duced to dis­play at a trad­ing fair as a launch of their over­all Spring-Summer col­lec­tion. Here you may observe how the pat­tern was used and prin­ted across mul­tiple items. I have also attached close-ups of the mater­i­al and a dif­fer­ent col­our versions.

Please note that these images are provided cour­tesy of the cli­ent and Kidspattern and are used for port­fo­lio pur­poses only.  

“Dutch tulips from their beds
Flaunted their stately heads.”

James Montgomery, The Adventure of a Star Scottish hymn writer and poetr