The Witch’s Cat

This eerie pattern blends magic and mysticism in a visual incantation to unleash your dark side. Inspired by all things occult and otherworldly, this gothic greyscale design is a celebration of wiccan tradition, Samhain — the Celtic festival of fire — and Hallowe’en — perfect for enchanted autumn evenings.

This sur­face pat­tern desing pro­ject is an inde­pend­ent ‘Karolful.Designs’ pat­tern series.

All visu­al­isa­tions presen­ted here are provided by Redbubble plat­form and are of products avail­able to pur­chase HERE.


This sur­face pat­tern design series was inspired by themes of mod­ern witch­craft as a response to “Mystical Tribes” trend, which explored themes of mys­tic­al sym­bols, sac­red geo­metry and new magic.

To set the scene here is my witchy mood-board, fol­lowed by a selec­tion of ini­tial sketches that I did of poten­tial ele­ments to use in this design. 


Every witch needs a wicked feline com­pan­ion, hence as the focal point of this design I have selec­ted a fine ori­ent­al short­hair spe­ci­men. This decision was inspired by a par­tic­u­lar fam­ily cat that I have a weak­ness for.

This pro­cess video shows how the image pro­gressed : start­ing with a basic sketch, which was then fol­lowed by a hand drawn illus­tra­tion. Next, it was scanned in and developed fur­ther digit­ally. The con­clud­ing frame arrives at a final and col­oured vec­tor artwork.


This sur­face pat­tern design series has gone through quite a few stages of devel­op­ment. To begin with, these slides show ini­tial couple of ideas for repeat mod­ules, along­side few visualisation.

Next is a fine selec­tion of greys that make up the final col­our palette (provided cour­tesy of Kidspattern). Lastly, I’ve shared first pat­tern arrange­ments, where you can see how the grey­scale was fine tuned to achieve the right level of con­trast with­in the over­all design.  

« The Witch’s Cat » Collection

Below you’ll find the final out­come of “The Witch’s Cat” sur­face pat­tern design series. The final design was placed on a medi­um grey back­ground and totalled at the use of 4 Pantones. 

This pat­tern design was fur­ther built up into a col­lec­tion, which includes a series of match­ing illus­tra­tions fea­tur­ing a single and a double mod­ule. These were embel­lished with addi­tion­al web­work of dot­ted lines inspired by secret geo­metry shapes.


This sur­face pat­tern col­lec­tion is avail­able to pur­chase on an array of products, both as a pat­tern and a stan­dalone illus­tra­tion. Browse examples of some of them below. To learn more and explore oth­er options please vis­it my online shop by fol­low­ing this LINK. 

Happy Halloween !

“Darksome night and shining moon ; hearken to the witches rune“

Invoke the spir­it of the season :

With bone and fang ; feath­er of raven ;

Black cats slink­ing through the gloom, howl­ing to the hal­lowed moon ;

Shadows cast and spells eldritch -

Summoning your inner witch