Country Garden

This pattern series was inspired by a vision of a homely back-garden in bloom. Commissioned for a Spring-Summer collection, as such, it offers a spectacle of humble, whimsical flowers that are bursting with creativity. As a full floral print it is a joyful celebration of the nature’s awakening after winter slumber as it bursts into boundless new growth.

This pro­ject was a part of my ongo­ing col­lab­or­a­tion with Kidspattern. If you’d like to learn more about them please vis­it their web­site HERE. Alternatively, view the archive of our pre­vi­ous pro­jects HERE, in which I dis­cuss in detail the his­tory and nature of our work.

All cloth­ing-mockups presen­ted here are provided cour­tesy of Kidspattern and are used for visu­al­isa­tion pur­poses only.

Starting Point

Elements for this pat­tern ori­gin­ated on the pages of my sketch­book. In this digit­al age, I delight in an oppor­tun­ity to begin a design with real pen­cil or brush and actu­al paper. I don’t usu­ally reach out for water­col­ours but this time I’ve decided to make an effort to broaden my tool vocab­u­lary. These sim­pli­fied garden flowers are mostly ima­gin­ary and were cre­ated by just let­ting myself doodle away and see­ing what bubbled up. I tried to come up with a pleth­ora of shapes of the flowers, stems and leaves, so that the pat­tern had a nice vari­ety to it. 

Afterwards I scanned the pages, I cleaned it up digit­ally and sim­pli­fied some of the ele­ments. To adapt the pat­tern to make it vec­tor-ready for easy screen print­ing, I live-traced the ori­gin­al design and recol­oured it using Adobe Illustrator. You can view the fin­ished repeat mod­ule below. Additionally, I have attached the brief palette con­trib­uted by col­our and trend spe­cial­ist Kidspattern. 

Main Pattern

This ver­sion is very uni­ver­sal and works equally well in both large and small sizes. Placing it against a white back­ground makes it seem very light and fresh. To recol­our these sim­pli­fied shapes I used the four main col­ours from the brief’s palette.

I feel the styl­ising of the vari­ous flor­als, gives them a lovely, whim­sic­ally rus­tic feel. The little dots that I intro­duced also add to the design’s play­ful­ness, as well as bal­an­cing out the rhythm of the com­pon­ents. 

Dark Background

In this altern­at­ive col­our­way, the only accents that break up the still­ness evoked by the dark-sage back­ground are occa­sion­al pops of white, blush and dark-cor­al flowers, pop­ping out as if from amongst the shrubs.

Pattern in Print

Here are few examples of how this pat­tern turned out in print and was used across vari­ous numer­ous first cloth­ing samples. These were pro­duced to launch our client’s Spring-Summer Collection and dis­play at trad­ing fairs.

Please note that these images are provided cour­tesy of the cli­ent and Kidspattern and are used for port­fo­lio pur­poses only.

Alternative Colourways

The aim of this devel­op­ment was to try dif­fer­ent col­our com­bin­a­tions, keep redu­cing the num­ber of used col­ours and con­tin­ue sim­pli­fy­ing. “Country Garden” pat­tern there­fore evolved as follows :

Firstly, re-ima­gined in much smal­ler size and only mono­chrome pinks.  

Secondly, aimed at Newborn sec­tion of the col­lec­tion, hence recol­oured into softer shades of grey and pink. 

Thirdly, only as white sil­hou­ettes, posi­tioned against a grey back­ground. Having been desat­ur­ated, now it seems much more of a tex­ture, espe­cially when used in this small size.  

In addi­tion, I picked few simple ele­ments to cre­ate a plain, sec­ond­ary pat­tern, which was meant to work as a petite print to com­pli­ment the more elab­or­ate ver­sion of it in a set. This also is more appro­pri­ate for the young­er age group of the SS Collection.

“Gardening is how I relax. It’s anoth­er form of cre­at­ing and play­ing with colors.”

Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta Fashion Designer