Butterfly Meadow

This is a showcase of a pattern series I developed for an ‹Autumnal Meadow› trend. It is intended to capture the romantic ambience of strolling through a field of tall wild-grass, whilst it is being bathed in a warm, low autumn sun. To evoke this mood I chose to illustrate a selection of fragrant autumnal botanicals and twigs, and scatter amongst them the occasional lazily hovering butterfly. I digitally hand drew all these elements and coloured them in a palette of pale pinks, mustard, navy and brown.

This pro­ject was a part of my ongo­ing col­lab­or­a­tion with Kidspattern. If you’d like to learn more about them please vis­it their web­site HERE. Alternatively, view the archive of our pre­vi­ous pro­jects HERE, in which I dis­cuss in detail the his­tory and nature of our work.

All cloth­ing-mockups presen­ted here are provided cour­tesy of Kidspattern and are used for visu­al­isa­tion pur­poses only.

Pattern Design Development

This pat­tern was designed for a client’s Autumn-Winter col­lec­tion, for their girls range (18 to 36 months). Above you can view the final, full print, ver­sion of this design that was selec­ted to go into pro­duc­tion. The fea­tured ele­ments are small in size, arranged ver­tic­ally and use total of only 4 col­ours. Setting these ele­ments over a white back­ground keeps it fresh, uni­ver­sal and par­tic­u­larly suit­able for an early autumn release.

Feel free to browse the selec­tion of altern­at­ive ver­sions that I’ve attached here too. These ver­sions dif­fer in col­our, arrange­ment of the ele­ments and spa­cing between them. They also vary in terms of the size that the pat­tern is presen­ted at, thus alter­ing the type of cloth­ing item it is poten­tial most fit­ting to use it for. I wanted to fully explore the breadth of the col­our palette, so as a start­ing point I set each of the three main col­ours with­in the palette as a back­ground and worked from there to cre­ate a trio of dis­tinct­ive, but related, designs.