My illus­tra­tion and pat­tern skills have also been employed for the use in pack­aging design. In col­lab­or­a­tion with Noo-Studio (art dir­ec­tion, flat design and 3d design) we’ve pro­duced designs applied on pack­aging for Paul Lafayet French Patisserie (Hong Kong). This was aimed at their sea­son­al winter bis­cuit and macar­oon spe­cial gift sets.

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Development Process

As a part of Noo-Studio whilst work­ing with a Client, we usu­ally present them with altern­at­ive design solu­tions in order to offer an oppor­tun­ity for them to provide feed­back dur­ing the devel­op­ment pro­cess. In this case, out of ini­tial 3 art dir­ec­tion pro­pos­als, one was picked based on present­a­tion based on sketches, ref­er­ence mater­i­al and mood boards. Chosen winter theme was estab­lished with nat­ur­al imagery like sprigs, branches, pine cones and oth­er min­im­al dec­or­a­tions sug­gest­ive of Christmas without excess­ive use of tra­di­tion­al, fest­ive ele­ments. These were hand drawn digit­ally and arranged into vari­ous compositions.

The selec­ted illus­tra­tions and pat­terns then got recol­oured to match with Lafayet brands col­our palette. Noo-Studio pro­duced 3d ren­der­ings to visu­al­ise the designs on boxes to give a bet­ter feel for the fin­ished product. Here is a selec­tion of poten­tial com­pos­i­tions out of which the final ones were chosen by the Client.