Feather Horned Beetle

This surface pattern set is a response to an “Opulent Creepy Crawlies” trend, which explores the theme of insects and studies their ornate detailing. This often results in crafting these bugs into mirror imagery and kaleidoscopic arrangements.

This sur­face pat­tern is an inde­pen­dent ‘Karolful.Designs’ design and is avail­able for pur­chase and/or licence through Adobe Stock. Please fol­low this LINK to view the entire “Ento­mol­o­gy” collection.

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Collection Overview

The set of pat­terns show­cased here are part of a wider series called “Ento­mol­o­gy” that encom­pass­es a wider range of designs that depict six dif­fer­ent species of beetle.

Over­all, this series is uni­fied by its colour palette, and the usage of the same tech­niques. Pat­terns with­in a giv­en set depict a spe­cif­ic insect, explor­ing var­i­ous colour-ways and arrange­ments. Each set also includes a stand­alone illus­tra­tion of that species of beetle.

Colour Palette

The PANTONE TCX colours cho­sen here are inspired by palettes from Kidspat­tern. The two main base colours for this set of pat­terns are both  shades of yel­low: a radi­ant ‘Aspen Gold’ and a warm ‘Gold­en Rod’. These are meant to evoke the opu­lence of gold­en scarabs from ancient Egypt.

To pro­vide a con­trast­ing coun­ter­weight a ‘Jet Set’ black was aded. Last­ly, to round out the palette a sage green shade was picked, ‘Chi­nois Green’. This last addi­tion offers a flavour­ful mod­ern twist.


Insects have wide range of impacts on the plan­et’s ecosys­tem. Due to this impor­tant role in our lives, iconog­ra­phy that depicts them has become thor­ough­ly embed­ded in human cul­ture, ­from arts and crafts to mythol­o­gy and religion.

The bee­tle rep­re­sents hard work, devo­tion, per­sis­tence, as well as coop­er­a­tion and solidarity.Many insects are val­ued sim­ply for their beau­ty. Insect imagery is com­mon­ly cel­e­brat­ed in jew­ellery, tex­tiles, and ceramics.

Elements Development

The depic­tion of the insects was stylised to high­light their dec­o­ra­tive aspects. The orig­i­nal ele­ments were ful­ly vec­torised and use a total of 4 colours. How­ev­er, they can also be eas­i­ly sim­pli­fied into 2 colour ver­sions. In this set you can select a ver­sion that best suits your project.

A full illus­tra­tions set is avail­able to licence HERE.

Set Development

I select­ed each colour from the palette as a back­ground and then devel­oped a cor­re­spond­ing arrange­ment. Togeth­er these pat­terns cre­ate a match­ing set that can be used across a pletho­ra of poten­tial prod­ucts whilst retain­ing a con­sis­tent look. This bee­tle col­lec­tion is ready to go and easy to use.

In this pat­tern the ele­ments are arranged in a cir­cu­lar fash­ion and par­tial­ly blend in with the gold­en back­ground. The inclu­sion of the addi­tion­al small dots serves to empha­sise the reg­u­lar rhythm of the repeat. This mono­chro­mat­ic sup­port­ing print uses a total of 2 Pantones.

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Here, the antlered bee­tles form a kalei­do­scop­ic mosa­ic. Recoloured in gold, they sink into the light yel­low back­ground to pro­duce a pleas­ing­ly dec­o­ra­tive tex­ture. This rich sur­face pat­tern design uses just 1 Pantone.

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Golden Ovals

This pat­tern design has the bee­tles arranged close togeth­er in a ver­ti­cal, reg­u­lar repeat. The small dots are now pep­pered in-between them and their feath­er-like horns form a diag­o­nal chevron, adding a nice dynam­ic touch.

The white of the back­ground stands in con­trast to this bold and com­pelling sur­face print option, which employs a total of 3 Pantones.

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This sur­face pat­tern arranges the tint­ed gold bee­tles in a criss-cross­ing repeat. Once again their dec­o­ra­tive feath­ered horns are used to con­nect them, this time in a snake-like weave around the reg­u­lar­ly spaced small dots.

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In this con­trast­ing ver­sion the bee­tles are arranged hor­i­zon­tal­ly in a brick repeat. Their gold­en antlers cre­ate a fur­ther sup­port­ing ver­ti­cal chevron. Placed atop a light yel­low back­ground, this bold print uses a total of 3 Pantones.

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Black and Gold

In this sur­face pat­tern the gold­en bee­tles shine out from the ele­gant­ly black back­ground, offer­ing not only a strik­ing colour-way but also a fab­u­lous­ly lux­u­ri­ous mood.

Here the ele­ments are arranged in the form of a reg­u­lar­ly repeat­ing cross, with the small dots used to add a glint of colour along the diagonals.

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Last­ly, this set is round­ed out with a selec­tion of basic, sim­pli­fied pat­terns that use only the sil­hou­ettes of the feath­er horned bee­tle. These are easy to recolour and great for using in small­er sizes. For exam­ple, as a sup­port­ing or back­ground print. Click HERE to licence this design.

“Insects are liv­ing metaphors for me. They are so alien and so remote and so per­fect, but also they are emotionless.”

Guiller­mo del Toro